To report an anniversary, send an email to the bulletin editor.

Forms are at the Red House, or email requests to the bulletin editor. Please be legible and provide the date the anniversary is being celebrated with the actual meeting name that is listed in the Where & When.

Birthday Plan: Contribute $1.00 for each year of sobriety to support the Annapolis Area Intergroup with a monetary expression of gratitude. An Individual Contribution Form is provided for your convenience.

Date Name Years Location
1 Jan Shannon B. 4 Women’s Serenity Group
3 Jan Greg A. 18 Early Birds
4 Jan Michelle S. 15 Asbury Group
4 Jan Carl J. 4 Thursday Night Big Book
4 Jan Jennifer P. 3 Thursday Night Big Book
4 Jan Dan H. 13 Thursday Night Big Book
4 Jan Chris D. 4 Thursday Night Big Book
6 Jan Kat H. 1 Saturday Morning Big Book
6 Jan Edward J. 16 Page 30 (celebration is Jan 14th)
6 Jan Megan 1 Saturday Night Hospital Step Group
7 Jan Wes B. 12 Sharing Beginners
7 Jan Terri H. 29 Sharing Beginners
7 Jan Keith M. 35 Tracy’s Landing
10 Jan Mike A. 20 Early Birds
13 Jan Brian W. 29 Saturday Night Hospital Step Group
13 Jan Mary H. 5 Saturday Morning Big Book
13 Jan Kelly Q. 8 Saturday Morning Big Book
15 Jan Kathy N. 15 Roads End
17 Jan Gwinn and Kevin S. 37 Early Birds
21 Jan Kat O. 5 Page 30
22 Jan Lew S. 11 New Way of Life
22 Jan Scott W. 4 New Way of Life
25 Jan Keith L. 30 Thursday Night Big Book
25 Jan Shawn S. 5 Thursday Night Big Book
26 Jan George N. 2 Friday Noon Step
28 Jan Kristen D. 6 Sharing Beginners

* Denotes Birthday Plan