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AAIG Bulletin

The Annapolis Area Intergroup (AAIG) publishes the AAIG Bulletin monthly. AAIG provides a complimentary copy of the bulletin to A.A. groups, service partners and recovery clubs within the AAIG region. The link to the AAIG Bulletin is on this page (at bottom) and available by mail.

The AAIG Intergroup Representative (IGR) is the recipient when the bulletin is mailed and they are expected to share the bulletin with their group. If the group does not have an IGR, AAIG will provide the bulletin to the registered AAIG Group Contact. When a new IGR or Group Contact registers with AAIG, AAIG will offer the outgoing IGR the opportunity to receive a subscription at the current rate. Individuals may obtain a personal copy by subscribing for a nominal fee.

Recovery clubs in the AAIG Area receiving the AAIG Bulletin are requested to make the bulletin available to A.A. groups that meet within their facility. Additional Bulletins are available on the AAIG Website.

Intergroup offices surrounding AAIG and Maryland General Services (MGS) are separate entities from AAIG. However in the spirit of cooperation AAIG recognizes them as “service partners” and understand that communication is the key to working together.

Intergroup Liaisons, MGS Delegate, MGS District Committee Members (DCMs) and Web site coordinators within the AAIG area, as well as Districts 6, 22, 23, 26, 31, and 42, receive a complimentary bulletin.

Bulletin Subscriptions: $15.00 per year

Mail subscription requests to:
Annapolis Area Intergroup
P.O. Box 2267
Annapolis, MD 21404

The current issue of the bulletin is Jan 2018.