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The Home Page introduces the visitor to the Annapolis Area Intergroup, Inc. website. It provides assistance to anyone looking for help about a drinking problem and provides our phone number and address for immediate person to person assistance. It provides a highlight of new items on our website and also a list of A.A. related events that may be of interest to our Fellowship. It describes the purpose of the Intergroup, and provides information about the Intergroup Council, its committees, and our bylaws. It also includes the mailing address for the Intergroup, the street address and phone number and office hours of the Red House Inc., and a visitor counter.

Find A Meeting

This webpage is provided as a quick means to access meetings in the area supported by the Intergroup. Groups in areas adjacient to the Intergroup may also be listed if the group requests that we include their meeting information. All group information is extracted from the current Where & When print edition. Changes to that print edition are also noted on this webpage.


  • What is the Intergroup? - This webpage describes what an Intergroup or Central Office is and the services it normally provides. It describes the services specifically provided by the AAIG. It also describes the role of the Intergroup Representative, provides a list of the meeting dates for the current calendar year, and includes the suggested length of sobriety for a candidate.
  • Alcathons - This webpage lists the dates in the current calendar year when alcathons are scheduled and lists which local group is sponsoring a specific date.
  • Anniversaries - This webpage lists the A.A. anniversaries being celebrated in the current month.
  • Bulletin - provides information on the Intergroup bulletin, how and when to submit items to be published, and how to subscribe to the bulletin.
  • Phone Desk - This webpage provides a matrix showing the phone shifts offered at the Red House and provides information on services provided by the Desk Committee.
  • Committees
    • Activities - Provides a list of current events being offered by the committee and information on how to volunteer.
    • Outreach - Provides information about what services are offered by the Outreach Committee and how to contact the committee.
  • Documents & Forms - provides Intergroup Service documents and forms and also Group Documents for download.


- provides a printable view of events occurring in the Intergroup area


- Provides a list of literature available for purchase through the Intergroup and the respective prices

Three Legacies

External Links

These links are provided as a convenience to the website visitor. These links do not constitute or indicate review, endorsement or approval. These links will open in a new browser window.

AAIG Bylaws

- provides a webpage publication of the current AAIG bylaws. It also contains a downloadable version of the Bylaws.

Contact Us

- provides a submission form to contact officers, committees, etc of the Intergroup to ask questions or provide information to the Intergroup. No email client is required.