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AAIG Committees

Standing Committees

Please click on the Committee to contact the Committee Chair.


The committee organizes, runs, and promotes all service workshops and social activities of the Intergroup. These social activities are provided for Alcoholics Anonymous members, their families, and friends.


This committee publishes a monthly bulletin. Click here for the current issue.

Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC)

This committee will inform professionals about A.A. - what we are, what we can do, what we cannot do, and where we are.  it will attempt to establish better communication between A.A.'s and professionals and to find productive and creative ways of cooperating with affiliating.  



This committee carries the A.A. program to correctional facilities.


The committee operates and maintains the Red House, where the business of the Intergroup is conducted.


The committee advises and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee on all matters related to Intergroup finances.


The AAIG Literature Committee distributes General Service Conference approved literature

to individuals, groups, and institutions.


Outreach Committee members visit groups that are within the Annapolis Area to make contact

with AA groups and its members in an effort to promote participation in the Intergroup

and general cooperation between the Intergroup and individual groups.

Phone Desk

The Phone Desk committee maintains the Red House Volunteers list that provides telephone service

for alcoholics who are in need of help, provides off-hours support with the rollover phone,

and maintains a 12th Step call list.

Public Information

This committee arranges for volunteers to participate in public information programs requested by schools,

businesses, law enforcement agencies, and other organizations interested in the A.A. approach to recovery from alcoholism.


This committee carries the A.A. program to treatment centers.


This committee manages the meeting Directory database, produces the Where & When,

and investigates and implements new technologies for the Intergroup when requested.

The Committee also manages the subscription list for the Bulletin and

 manages the content of the AAIG website.

Ad Hoc Committees

Please click on the Committee to contact the Committee Chair.



Reviews and makes recommendations to the Council on bylaw additions and changes.


The Safety committee helps with issues surrounding safety in meetings.

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