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The Phone Desk Committee seeks volunteers to staff the Annapolis A.A. telephone at the Red House.  If you are interested in volunteering, or would like more information, please contact the Phone Desk Committee.

Phone Desk Committee


The Desk Committee provides several important functions for the Intergroup by answering calls from alcoholics whether they are in the fellowship or new to the fellowship.

  • Phone Desk volunteers

    •   Answer phones during a two-hour weekly shift.

    •   Assist walk-ins.

    •   Process literature sales as needed.

    •   Connect 12th steps calls with designated 12th step AAer’s in the fellowship.

  • Rollover Phone

    • Provides telephone access to the Intergroup after normal office hours

    • Offers telephone access during normal office hours when the standard line is busy with another call

  • 12th Step List - provides a list of volunteers willing to reach out to those still in need of help who call the Annapolis A.A. line looking for assistance with their problem

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